Hot lead from Marketing…now what?

by Aaron Prickel - January 19th, 2011

When looking at leads that come in from Marketing efforts, they can come in various flavors. What stands out with this particular topic is this is a HOT lead. A prospect who is actually excited to talk to you, they appear to be enthusiastic about your product or service and looking to make a change for various reasons. I will say this before I continue and I want you to remember this……positive prospects are the most dangerous prospects! Why? Sometimes we feel like we can cut corners because they are “excited” or “ready to buy.” We skip a step in our normal process or don’t ask the difficult questions because we don’t want to upset this HOT lead!

If handled incorrectly these positive prospects are the ones you think are in the bag, you send the quote and everything needed from your end and you never hear from them again. You scratch your head and say to yourself “I don’t get it, they said they loved what we had and were probably going to do something.” Sound familiar?

Here are a few things to help turn this hot lead into a client:

1. Set expectations early- discuss with the prospect what they are looking to get out of the initial call. Remember: you can’t get mad at a prospect for doing something you didn’t tell them they couldn’t do.
2. Find out their true compelling reasons to change- The change could be going from nothing to your product or from a competitor to your product. Regardless, figure out why they think they need to change and the impact the problems are having.
3. Determine decision process-understanding who and how they are going to decide is crucial. This will help you decide if the prospect is even a good fit from your end.

These are just a few small steps you can take to ensure you help turn a Hot lead into a paying client. Remember this key phrase as well: How you sell is a sample of how you solve. If your sales process is sloppy or you skip steps on the front end, what are they going to think about the back end of your business?

Aaron Prickel
Lushin & Associates, Inc.

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