But I thought Direct Mail and Social Media Marketing had nothing in common?

by John Gifford and Scott Manning - July 29th, 2010

Maestro4smallBlackScottManningSometimes it’s hard to get a handle on new web and technological

For those not familiar with Social Media marketing, it may seem like it’s
from an alien world. Even those familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube may see little connection with previous marketing tactics.

Come listen to John Gifford of indysmallbiz.com and Scott Manning of Manning Methods, LLC present a Tele-Seminar discussing Direct Mail and Social Media’s similarities and differences.


1) They both facilitate target marketing.
2) They make their impact through getting attention and standing out from the crowd.
3) To be effective, each needs to be conducted systematically.
4) Their effectiveness needs to be measured by ROI, whether it’s dollars per lead or time invested per lead
5) Each allows a small business to compete favorably with the larger players — no barrier of entry


1. Social Media platforms each has its distinctive etiquette — defy them and be shunned; direct mail needs only to meet the criteria of the post office
2. Direct Mail can be thought of as “hunting down the customer,” while with Social Media the marketer “puts out bait” and essentially gets the customer to follow him home

Click on the smallbusinessmaestro or Scott Manning to download the audio.


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