Get Shifting or Get Shifted on

by Indy Smallbiz - August 11th, 2008

Tony Scelzo

Tony Scelzo

By Tony Selzo,
Rainmakers Marketing Group

Plenty of people claim they want to start attracting abundance, but they have little understanding or appreciation for the power their fears impose on their ability to move forward.

I find it amazing how much people fear change. We fight so fiercely the mere thought of change that it seems to me we ought to analyze some of the ways we describe these fears and think about their “REAL” impact.

I have worked with over 500 business owners over the last four years and created ideas that we could “test, measure, and then implement” if successful.  Here are some of the common complaints I have observed.

1.  “We tried that once and it didn’t work.”  Usually there is no data or real information to back this up.  98% of the time I would guess if I had a gun to my head this information was purely anecdotal and sometimes hearsay.
Oddly enough this is usually followed by the exact specific reason it didn’t work and most of the time it could be easily corrected and tried again.

2.  “I have never thought of that before.” This to me is the most egotistical objections.  This is like saying I am the only one who can have great ideas to grow my business.  Toyota expects every single employee to generate an idea that will save or make the company $120,000.  Get comfortable stealing other ideas and trying them in your business whether they are in your industry.

3.  “That is just is not the way we do things.” How about we adopt the mantra that the way we do things is constantly evolving to provide the best value for our clients and the best profit for ourselves.

4.  “That will be quite a learning curve and our customers will complain a little initially.”  Man this is the toughest one.  You have to push for change that you know is best for your clients but you know the initial response will be negative.  Remember that business is a marathon not a sprint and when you push for uncomfortable change you have to be willing to share the data, educate your customers and manage the moment individually.  Usually there are never as many complainers as there are evangelists and managing the moment can strengthen the relationship with clients.

5.  “How do we know this will work?” What happens if you have an idea that you instinctively think will work but you have no data to prove it?  This isthe hardest hurdle to leap.  Yet, if applied as a strategy has the greatest result.  You as a business owner must get comfortable running controlled business experiments.  Risk what you can afford to risk and move quickly to stop if the results aren’t there.  Fully 67% of the decisions you make as a small business owner will end up being wrong according to Brian Tracy.  It is your agility that will make the difference.

Tony Scelzo
Rainmakers Marketing Group

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