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by Indy Smallbiz - August 11th, 2008

John Gifford

John Gifford

By John Gifford
Publisher & Editor

The small businesses of Indianapolis need a publication that serves their needs and interests, profiles their success stories, and provides a go-to place where small business services, programs, and those serving small businesses are listed for reference purposes.  This may be a difficult role to fulfill but that is Indy Smallbiz’ goal.  The aim of Indy Smallbiz is help your business to grow and increase your profit. As you read our newsmagazine, we want you to learn something new to help your business or to appropriate a business strategy in one of our stories into your own business.  Foremost, we want our publication to evoke action on your part.

The impetus to starting Indy Smallbiz was the feeling that there was a niche not being served.  To give one example, Rainmakers, the business networking group, which has been a huge success and growth phenomenon over the past five years, received no coverage in the major business journal in this city for almost five years.  Furthermore, there is a need to cover small business from the perspective of small business — how to get and keep customers, the cash-flow crunch, operations and accounting, personnel concerns, and maintaining a positive outlook.  It is in this grassroots, nuts and bolts spirit, not a Fortune 500 quarterly report perspective, that Indy Smallbiz approaches its delivery of content. Our target niche is the small business — roughly defined as 1-50 employees, with less than 1-2 million dollars in sales.  Our newsmagazine will provide an affordable advertising venue for targeting small businesses:  the advertising start-point will be under $200/insertion (multiple-issue run), compared to $1950/insertion for a 1/8 pg. ad in the existing business publication.

Now is the time for entrepreneurship;  self-employment is on the ascendency.  In order to not only feel independent, but to  have control over your destiny and protect yourself from downsizing, there is a trend towards owning your own business.  Indy Smallbiz addresses that trend.  This publication, while treating some of the same issues as Inc. or Entrepreneur, is distinctive, in that it is local.  Those business owners that are profiled or the consultant whose column you are reading are locally accessible:  you can email, call, or even have a one-on-one meeting with them.  You might be able to partner with them, have a strategic alliance, or share insights together.  In addition, you will be able to hear some of these business owners and some of the expert columnists speak at one of the regular meetings that Indy Smallbiz will hold.

Three principles guide the content of Indy Smallbiz:  analysis, cooperation, and participation.  Analysis, as suggested by expert columns as they apply to your business, your leadership, and your behavior, will provide strategies and tactics that can be implemented in your business.  Cooperation will be encouraged by highlighting strategic partnerships sought by businesses profiled in our publication, as well as covering business networking events and listing future events.  Participation can take the form of responding to requests for articles on particular topics, an email to me convincing me that your business should be profiled, or your suggestion of a new feature that should be included in Indy Smallbiz.  And by the way, if you have compiled something called, “Diary of a Start-up,” let me know and we would likely be able to run it in installments.  We want you to participate in Indy Smallbiz and feel you are part of it.

Indy Smallbiz wants to be your go-to place for small business information.  Besides the expert columns and the business profiles of small businesses, we will have listings online (www.indysmallbiz.com) of those agencies, companies, and consultants who are focused on providing the information and services needed by small businesses.  In addition, please feel free to email us suggested small business resource information.

There are several excellent people who are critical to the success of this publication.  Scott Manning (also President of Manning Methods, LLC) will act as Chief Operations Officer and will make sure things happen and details are managed.  Jay Moore (with a background in Business Communications and Web Design), will be the Managing Editor, as well as facilitate the website and blogs.  Robert Flott (also Publisher and Editor of the Wabash Valley J. of Bus. and Senior Life) will oversee graphics and layout. Stan Gurka is the photographer and Rhonda Beecroft will serve as Communications Liaison.  I would also like to thank our contributors for this issue:  Tony Scelzo, Rainmakers;  Lorraine Ball, Roundpeg;  C.J. McClanahan, ReachMore Strategies;  and Jeff Bell;  Sales & Marketing Results.

If you have any comments, would like to contribute an expert column or business updates, or would like to apply to have your business profiled in our publication, please call me at (317) 407-3382 or email me at johng@indysmallbiz.com.

John Gifford, Publisher & Editor
Indy Smallbiz

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